Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to Get Big {Sex-ified} Hair!

I've always liked big hair.

I haven't always been able to achieve said big hair.

You see, my hair is VERY thick, and there is a TON of it.

I warn every hair dresser of the aforementioned, and they never seem to believe me.

That is until they get me in their chair and actually feel the goods.

Then they are shocked and awed by the amount of hair I have.

Told you so!!

So here is the magic tool that I discovered.

If you want the big, nice, lovely, flowing, thick, bombshell, movie star hair here's the secret:

A Teasing Brush

It is seriously heaven-sent.

These have never worked for me and I never knew why:

It's because they don't work.

They may work at first, but they don't HOLD the hair like a teasing brush does.

If you have thick, thin, whatever type of hair it doesn't matter.  The brush will work for you.

I love it when people think I'm a hairstylist!

Now they know my secret ;)

I'm nowhere close to a hairstylist, I just found their secret.  {hee hee}

Here's how to do it:

Get your flat, dead hair ready.

Pick up a one inch or so section of hair and tease like you would if it was a comb.
{Please ignore the horribly streaked mirrors that my 10 year old cleans when he's in trouble! Couldn't tell til I was editing the photos ;)}

Then start teasing the heck out of your hair.  
Go all over the top of your head and then underneath.
{At least that's how I roll.}

Then it'll look like this.
{Said in a sing-songy voice of course.}

Here's a side view.
Cute, huh?!

I was trying to get a better view for you, but I just couldn't get another angle since my arms aren't like Mrs. Incredible's.
Maybe I can use this photo for a sexy-come-hither look.
{Yeah, I didn't think so either!}

So that's it in a nutshell.  I wish I could actually show you how to do it, but I don't have 8 arms to hold a camera while I'm holding up a section of hair while I'm holding onto a teasing brush.

I hope this has helped some of you, and I can't wait to see all of you with bombshell, movie star hair!!

Now go on and get yourself a teasing brush!


  1. Fabulous!! I love BIG hair too and I can achieve it with my comb but it seems to go dead before I get to where I am going but now I going to go get me a teasing brush!! Thanks for the tip! And your facebook photo is crazy sexy woman!! lol

  2. You should do a You Tube video!


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