Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Have A Mustache

I think it's hilarious when people comment to me that they like my mustache and the people around us give her/him dirty looks.  I've had several people ask me on the side if they heard correctly.  Yes, you heard it correctly.  I have a mustache, and I love it!

Except, this mustache never has to be waxed, bleached, or shaved.  It stays with me whenever I want to put it on and for however long I want to have it on.  I don't even have to take it off if I don't want to.

Take a look at this mustache:

Isn't it cute?

How about another angle?

I'm putting them up for sale in my etsy shop:  hautedebdesigns.etsty.com
 {Hurry before they're all sold at the craft fair I'm going to be a vendor at!}

Stop by if you want your very own compliment-inducing mustache! ;)


  1. adorbs for sure. and yay for no waxing! ;)


  2. love the necklace!

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