Friday, May 20, 2011

Why I've Been MIBW

A lot of people have been asking me why they haven't seen a post in a long time, and I'm here to explain.

Throughout my adult life I have been plagued by physical hardships.  I was told at age 22 that I have a spine of an 80 year old.  This was when it started.  From that point on (11 years ago) I've been battling physical ailments.  I've been diagnosed and dealt with everything from scoliosis to kidney stones.  I've had surgeries (some while prego) and it has not been fun.  Well, about a month ago, my hands started shaking and the doctors don't know why. 

This has been more of an emotional trial than physical, if I'm being honest.  One more thing added to the ever-growing physical ailments has really been a blow.  So, that is why I've been MIBW (missing in the blog world).  Here are some things that have been soothing my troubles....

I've had a lot of support from this:
(literally the best chocolate I've had in a long time!!)

and this:
(caffeine free because regular doesn't help with the shakes :)

I hope to be back to my normal self soon and be able to stop dwelling on my hardships and have some positivity come into my life again.

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  1. Debra, I'm sorry!! I can totally relate. Scott in general, my lupus, the weird, possibly deadly malformation in Wyatt's ear. Sometimes it seems like you just can't catch a break. Hang in there, cause seriously, what else can you do?? At least that's what I tell myself :)


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