Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Confessional

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*It has been painfully cold here in old ABQ
*I know like 60% of the rest of the country is having the same freezing temps, so I should stop whining, right?
*Well, it's like -22 degrees cold here
*That is C-O-L-D
*I have never lived in that kind of cold before!
*I grew up in sunny CA
*Lived in ID for 2 short years
*Then in LV for 12 years, and in case you don't know, it NEVER gets that cold in LV!!
*So what does the ABQ school district do?
*Cancel school
*Yep, I had all of my kiddos home this week
*I'd like to say that I had a great time with them home from school ALL week
*Well, it wasn't that bad
*It's been kind of nice {surprised myself by saying that!}
*Especially since my oldest is a built in babysitter {!!!!}
*I just hate the fact that this prolongs his school year :( {boo!}
*Anyway, back to the canceling of school
*Yes, they canceled school T-F because of the "freezing temperatures," "not being able to start the school buses," and because of a "NM gas shortage"
*Do they know that the rest of the country is freezing and with 20 ft. of snow and they still go to school?
*Guess not
*Oh, and I also enjoyed waking up to NMGas Co. turning off our gas yesterday morning because of their "gas shortages"
*They did turn it back on, but thanks for the notice guys!
*So last night I made the boys wear two sets of pajamas and hoodies to bed
*You know, just in case they turned off the heat again
*I am happy to report that they didn't {whew!}
*Other than that, I've been having fun doing crafts and dealing with a screaming not quite two year old
*Isn't that what life as mom is all about ;)


  1. School finally started back up here and boy was I ready as were my girls.. there is only so much you can do after a while! Glad they got your gas back on... that is unheard of.. freezing temps and they CUT the gas!

    Stay warm!

  2. Our schools are still closed today too. I'm in Oklahoma and we're under about 12-22 inches of snow, depending on where you're at. We're currently getting more snow. It's crazy!

    That's insane that they cut your gas off due to gas shortage!! Hope that doesn't happen again!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Ugh! That sucks about the gas! Yeah...because that makes a whole lot of sense to cut of people's gas supply when it's freakin' freezing outside! :-\ They did rolling black-outs here the other day, and didn't affect me while I was at home. But, some of my work friends had their power go out while they were in the shower! Super inconvenient.

    Hope you stay warm! :-)

  4. I'm with the others...I can't believe they shut off your gas! Crazy!

    I'm in Nashville. We typically get like a dusting of snow once or twice a year. Yeah.... we've had so much that schools are exceeding their snow days. It's crazy!

  5. I'm in Utah. They didn't cancel school but all the kids had indoor recess because of the extreme cold. It's so cold out there that you can't breathe through your nose without serious risk of freezing boogers.

  6. wow closing schools when there is no snow that seems coo coo...

  7. Okay so now I REALLY feel like a whiner. It's been in the 20's and 30's here and I've been bitching about it all week. I'm lame. I HATE the cold.


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