Monday, February 7, 2011

Heart {Snow} Flakes

I wanted to find something cheap and easy to do to decorate my house for Valentine's Day.  I also wanted it to be kid friendly, and this is what I found:

Isn't it the cutest thing ever? 

They're called Heart Flakes, and I learned how to do them from the February issue of Family Fun Magazine.  

If you don't have a subscription to the mag, here's a tutorial on how to make them:

 You can use a piece of origami paper or cut any paper you like into a 5 7/8" square (which is what I did).
 Next fold your paper in half one time,
 two times,
 and finally a third time.
Then fold over the small tip to the longest side of the triangle.
{excuse the horrible photo skills I have :)}
Trace a heart shape onto the paper making sure you don't cut off the tip or cut through to the folded side.
 Then you'll have something that looks like this.
Open it up and this is what you get!
After your 4 year old tells you to make more, you get this :)

We had a lot of fun making these Heart {Snow} Flakes, and I hope you do too!!

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