Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holy Magenta!

I've so enjoyed linking up with this great lady on Wednesdays! It's really got my creative juices flowing for changing up my outfits.  So, thank you No Model Lady, for the boost in my bland wardrobe!
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 I was uber-excited when I found these tights at JCPenney for a whopping 2.97.  
I was super-duper excited when I found some matching magenta fabric to make me a matching flower necklace. {Do I hear a what-what?!}
 The only problem? What shoes to wear with it?!
Yellow are oh so cute, but I'm still not used to the tights with open-toed shoes yet.
Then again, there's my grey heels.  Oh the choices!

What do you think???

skirt: Old Navy, shirt: Banana Republic, cami: ModBe, cardi: Banana Republic, necklace: me
yellow wedges: Dillards, black boots: Nine West, grey heels: Marshalls


  1. I personally LOVE the yellow heels!! Such an awesome pop of color!

  2. love the yellow heels but i'm a sucker for grey heels right now so that's my pick. for some reason everytime i see grey heels anywhere they scream my name.

    but no to the boots. blah. u need something to wow ppl. get used to the open toed shoes with tights because it is HOT.

  3. Gray heels. Lookin good! Miss you!

  4. gray heels look amazing, but i'm a sucker for boots with tights. that being said, i say we need to be more bold with our colors and i think the yellow is an awesome pop of color, especially going into spring time!

  5. I'm a sucker for boots as well but I LOVE the grey shoes!

  6. Greyyyyyy!! Yellow for warmer weather would be perfect! Both would be great, that's how you create two different outfits! :)

  7. Love the style!!!!!! Grey shoes great but the yellow shoes look great if you want to switch it up.

  8. You crack me up. Isn't this fashion blogging fun. We are so experts!

    I can't wear tights/nylons with open-toed shoes either. Goes against my (fashion) grain. Boots would be my second choice. And first choice would be sexy high heels with bare legs. The Cali way! : )


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