Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ahhh... The Golden Globes

I don't know about you, but I don't watch the Golden Globes.  Actually, I watch it, but not the entire show.  The only part of the show that is worth my time is the RED CARPET!!!  Can I hear a "YES!"?

In some of the years past I have been disappointed with what the stars were wearing, but not this year.  I <3 so many of the gowns that there were only a handful that were atrocious.  Almost unheard of!

Here are a few ton of the ones that I loved:

I consider this: Team Green.  This color was quite popular this year.  Honestly, I don't blame them :)
 Mila Kunis:  LOVE
 Elisabeth Moss:  LOVELY
 Angelina Jolie:  UNDERSTATED
Catherine Zeta-Jones: DREAMY

 Love me some sparkle!
 Anne Hathaway:  AHHH
 Dianna Agron:  PRETTY
Heather Morris:  JEALOUS

Blues: one of my fave colors
 Jenna Ushkowitz:  NICE
Mandy Moore:  SOFT

Favorite by far!
 Claire Danes:  FAVORITE

Best GG color
Kyra Sedgwick: COLORFUL

The "new" black
 Julia Stiles:  WICKED-AWESOME
Olivia Wilde:  L-O-V-E

Saved the absolute best for last
 Heidi Klum:  SERIOUSLY?
 Helena Bonham Carter:  S-H-O-E-S
January Jones:  YIKES

And this one is just because, well, can you figure it out?!
Johnny Depp:  H-O-T !-!-!

I love me some gowns :)

Thank you Golden Globes for letting me live vicariously through all of your guests. 

Now for the Oscars!!

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  1. I love that one on Elisabeth Moss. Sooooo wish that in a million lifetimes I could pull that one off. And, oh, Johnny...


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