Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What? I Got an Award?!

I was actually nominated for something!
  Can you believe it?!
  I know I can't!!
And it was a Stylish Blogger Award!!
Again, can't believe it!!!!
Ms. Style Bones from this blog gave me this honor, and I am SO grateful!
Thank you!  Thank you!

Now all I have to do is list 7 things about me:
-I love to travel
-I <3 dark chocolate
-I love reading
-I <3 shopping
(but honestly, who doesn't?!)
-I love going to school
(I would go back to get my masters in a heart beat)
-I <3 my hubby
(of 13 1/2 years I might add!)
-I love baking

Now I am supposed to list 15 other stylish bloggers that should be nominated for this award, but to be honest, I'm new in the bloggy world.  I don't have or know 15 fabulously fashionable blogger friends.  So, instead, go back to Ms. Stylish Bones and feel free to blog-stalk some of her fabulously fashionable blogger friends :) 

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