Friday, March 4, 2011

Daily Deals

I don't know if you're all aware of the daily deals that Target has online, but if you aren't you need to check it out...daily!  The deals change everyday, and sometimes they're good and sometimes they're bad.  I would like to think that today's daily deal is a really good one!

Today's deal is on women's shirts for only $9.99.

Plus, their daily deals get free shipping, so to me it's totally worth it!

Here's some of the cutey-patutey shirts I just ordered:

Product Image

Product Image

Product Image 
Yeah, I just noticed that every shirt I bought is either navy or has some navy in it.

What does that say about me?!

Happy shopping :)

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  1. it means you're craving some nantucket time. or nautical knits :D


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