Friday, March 25, 2011

{THE Talk}

-Yes, this title refers to "the talk" that we all, as parents, dread
-At least I as a parent dread
-Don't you all?
-Here's the reason why we're having "the talk" with our eldest this weekend
-My friend and neighbor very kindly informed me that my eldest was "schooling" her children in the matters of sex ed.
-What the bleep??!!
-I had NO clue that he knew about this stuff
-Actually, I shouldn't say that; it makes me seem very naive
-I knew he knew some things, but I didn't know he was so well versed in the terminology
-Or should I say...slang
-The hubs and I knew that this was going to come sooner or later, we were just hoping for the later
-I'm totally worried about it
-I think I'm more worried about how I'm going to feel during "the talk"
-I know, I know, stupid right?
-You're probably thinking that he is going to be way more embarrassed than I will be
-I don't think so!
-Now he's going to "know" what hubs and I do behind closed {securely locked} doors!
-Has anyone had "the talk" with their children before and can give me some pointers?
-Like how not to turn beet-red and act like I'M 10 years old?
-This is not going to be fun
-I'm already having an anxiety attack....

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  1. We haven't had that talk with our oldest yet. He's seven and I know it's going to come up sooner or later (please later, much later).

  2. We haven't had "the talk" yet. But my eldest is only 6. We have talked about body parts and a few other things, but not the whole birds and bees. I've only hear that you should just tell it how it is, use correct terms and be honest. Try to not make him feel like sex is dirty and wrong, but something that should be shared with someone you really love. We believe that it should only be shared between husband and wife, but to each their own. Good luck! I'm not looking forward to this day either. But we have already agreed, he does the boys and I do the girls. Good thing we have 4 boys and only 1 girl so far!

  3. My girls had classes at their private school that explained the harder parts. I did talk to them about 'that time of the month' and my oldest handled it well. The youngest, not so much. I also told them it was not their place to educate their friends! Good luck!


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